Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wingfield Basin to Franklin Island

July 21: It was just like a typical Partridge Bowl (happening in Kingston today), a close spinnaker reach that eventually requires a takedown as the SW wind backs a little or the course titans up... except this one took us all the way across Georgian Bay, about 40 miles at over 7 knots most of the way. Today's conditions were definitely worth waiting for.

Out in the middle of the Bay we met up with a wayward and exhausted Dragonfly. He settled in on the corner of the companionway and didn't budge for over an hour. Then he flew around the boat for 10 or 15 minutes before we lost track of him. I don't know if he stayed aboard somewhere we didn't see, or even if he had ridden with us since Wingfield. He was certainly huge, more than 3" head to tail!

We came in past Savage Rocks and a whole lot of other named rocks at the south end of Franklin Island. There were lots of Georgian Bay White Dolphins frolicking as we passed. (The waves really do look like dolphins when they break and splash!) We came up the inside channel behind Franklin, quite cautiously in some of the shallow and tight spots, then dropped our anchor near the north end.

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