Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pointe au Barques to... Tobermory

July 17: There was more wind than expected at anchor last night and there was still about 20 WSW when we set off this morning. After about half an hour of close reaching to go across the bay and up the American side, with gusts over 25, Laura asked how far to Kincardine. I was thinking something similar, so now we are on a fast and fun broad reach towards Tobermory, which will be about a 90 mile day.

Part of cruising is being ready to follow the wind. The American shore of Huron doesn't look much more interesting until the very top, so we will detour back to the Canadian side where we know it's interesting.

The wind clocked substantially, as forecast, so we came up to close hauled in the early afternoon. The waves were still huge and behind us. Surfing while close hauled is an odd experience, but one worth repeating!

The wind died at sunset and we motored on to Tobermory, tying up about 0300 right across from the gas dock. There's red flashing radio mast or something that's visible 20 miles out from Cape Hurd, while the actual Cape Hurd red nav light is only visible 7 miles out. The two of them lead us right into the inside approach, where the buoys are reflective, but not lit.

We slept late this morning and are having a lazy day on shore. The harbour is busy with dive boats and glass bottom tour boats and all the tourists needed to fill them. We just watched the ferry load and leave for Manitoulin Island. Tobermory is focused around the harbour, with all the services you need (and plenty you don't) all right there. Ports like this are really nice to visit and Tobermory has plenty of transient sail traffic passing through or staying a day or two like us.

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