Monday, 2 July 2012

Scenic Shores of Lake Ontario

On July 2 we motored along past the Darlington nuclear plant, having made it out of Newcastle with only minor bumps on the bottom. The wind has dropped to normal for this end of the lake, a brisk 4 knots. As lakes go, Ontario is pretty boring, oval with non-descript coastline, although the skyline of Toronto is looming on the horizon. This photo shows the coast at Darlington, including the nuclear power plant.

For visual context, here's where we are and where we're going. Ashbridges Bay YC is just east of downtown Toronto. We managed to find enough wind to sail in for a couple of hours, then got here about 17:30 and got a warm welcome from members at the bar, as there was nobody official left to check us in. They recommended the UK Halsey loft just up the road for sail repair and one of the names on the ad was Tristan Story who gave the tuning seminar at KYC this spring. Sailing is a pretty small world.

From the cockpit the hazy view of the CN Tower is about as high as the trees just across the bay. The sun is low in the sky, there's party music playing over the harbour and we are about to throw our steaks on the BBQ.

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