Sunday, 15 July 2012

Port Huron to Port Sanilac

July 15: Tonight's stop, Port Sanilac is one of the "Harbours of Refuge" built by the Army Corps of Engineers with the help of the State of Michigan. It looks like a fortress, made up of a series of steel cylinders 20 or 30 feet across that could defend against anything Lake Huron has to offer. The name apparently derives from a Wyandotte Native Chief, rather than anything to do with cleaning up the lake.

We are in slip 7, more or less in the middle, with a view straight
up Main Street to the town's only traffic light.
The marina has great docks, now with ladders to get up onto them with the water so low - it looks like it's about 2 feet lower than designed for and that matches reported levels. The wifi works fairly well (but not right from the boat), there's laundry right at the dock, and excellent ice cream in home made waffle cones just next door. Definitely a good spot to stop, although I haven't seen a grocery store yet.

We gassed up and pumped out this AM then once more under the bridge against the current, sometimes under 3 knots over the ground. A gentle SW let us make reasonable progress, but went to bed about noon as black clouds built on the shore. We motored through a series of squalls in the early afternoon, with some sailing in between. From the radio it sounded like the weather was more severe south of Port Huron, with threats of 50 knot gusts and hail. We got off easy with winds in the low twenties and sheets of rain. By dinner, steak and salad, we had clear skies, calm winds, and clean underwear.

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