Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Conneaut to Fairport

July 10: During the night we did a few dipsy doodles at anchor as the wind went to an offshore night breeze. We think at least one of the swings was due to current produced when the John J. Boland came in and did a three point turn out in the dredged part of the basin. The three point turn was deduced from seeing her stern in at dawn. Have unloaded, she departed about 0830, just before we did.


The lake is lumpy, with a light breeze from the NNE and we are passing Ashtabula at about 4.5 knots. Another cruising is sailing east for a close pass. On port, they altered to go below us, seaman like despite the dangling bumper. Laura is reading and highlighting the Ports for Georgian Bay, so maybe we have had enough of Lake Erie. Only problem: there's still a lot of it between us and Lake Huron ;-)

Just counted 23 little fishing boats visible around us. Probably looking at us with the same thoughts I have looking at them: "Where the hell is the fun in that?" Right now, right here we are strongly out-voted.

1330: With sails slatting we gave up and are motoring towards Fairport. 1630:

We pulled into the river at Fairport, gassed up and took a slip at Grand River Marine Inc. on the west side. The entry is very industrial with great piles of sand, gravel, and salt, but it gets greener further in.

We had dinner at Pickle Bill's, a funky riverside eatery featuring local and not so local seafood. We started with King Crab, then followed through with locally caught Walleye and Perch. Worth a visit if you're in town.

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