Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Big Plunge

Tonight we are on the wall at a mostly empty PHYC, free recip. The boats are gone but the circus is still here for the Blue Water Festival or some such, with rock bands and amusement rides and an endless parade of power boats. Many of them are getting valet parked by forklift just across the Black River from us (bottom).

This AM we breakfasted, then sailed out to watch the start. There wasn't much wind. Some boats were totally on top of it. Others not so much, like the double handed boat that was accidentally called OCS in following start. The radio exchange with RC was one of the entertainment high points.

We cabbed it to Kroger and back for groceries. KYC is a rare club with 2 grocers within easy walking distance.

Tomorrow we head off up the American shore of Lake Huron. This is a big plunge into unknown connectivity. Updates may be delayed, but we'll be having fun. The water is so blue here, and very swimmable.

The sun is setting but the bridge is going up on Huron Street.

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