Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Up the Thumb

July 16: I was only recently informed that Michigan looks like a mitten. At 1330 we are about to pass close by Harbour Beach, the last obvious stopping point on the east side of the thumb. Wind started at nothing, then built slowly to about 10 S. Vassily is doing a surprisingly good job steering us wing and wing.

Immediately after passing the harbour the wind rose to 15. It always does that when Laura takes the helm. The shore has been mostly sandy and low so far, with deciduous trees, much like the Canadian side. We're a mile or so offshore, enough to get us 40 feet, but well away from the freighters we can still see going by.

By sunset we had dropped anchor just past the Pointe au Barques lighthouse, had a swim and dinner from the BBQ. It's a little overcast, but cooling off, with about 10 SW that should swing W for a good reach tomorrow if we can rely on the forecast.

I got some really cool pics of this sunset with the big camera and I'll share one once I get them out of the camera and processed. It's not film anymore, but it still gets better with the right post processing ;-)

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