Thursday, 2 August 2012

Turnbull Island to Rous Islands

August 2: We set off before 9, despite the squall watch, in order to work our way back towards Little Current. The west wind filled in behind us as we motor sailed, then just sailed, until it was up over 20 by mid afternoon. We backtracked above John and Aird Islands, through Little Detroit, then out into the channel and south of Eagle, Hook and the Benjamins. We went up for a look at McTavish Island on the north side and it would make a great stop some other time, but it's exposed from West round to NE, which is where the wind's predicted to be.

We sailed down between Amedroz and Bedford, then up into the very well protected harbour between East and West Rous Islands. It's not so inspiring, but it will be fine for tonight.

Today was a really good bird day! It started with a bald eagle, white head very obvious this time, swooping down past the boat with a fish in his talons, then flying over to a rock for a good breakfast. It finished with a pair of loons swimming quite close to us in the harbour as we made dinner. It's dark now, but there are geese out there somewhere honking at the full moon!

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