Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gully Creek to Stag Island

August 20: Gully Creek is the labelled shore feature closest to where we anchored last night, but we didn't actually see a gully or a creek. We set out about 730 and sailed in what remained of the shore breeze until about 930 when I invoked the three knot rule. Now it's 1030 and the wind is filling in from the west in a complete reversal.

We seem to have a hitchhiker today, a little sparrow who pops into view now and then, even though we're 10 miles offshore. I don't know how long it's been aboard, but I'm sure there's enough bugs to last. Maybe it eats spiders!

The west wind swung north, then faded out as we went under the Bluewater Bridge at Sarnia and into the St. Clair River. We anchored in the side channel behind Stag Island. There's a water ski slalom course laid out at the south end of the island, so we got to watch some wake boarding tricks while enjoying our supper.

I haven't seen the sparrow since early afternoon, so I think he must have abandoned ship.

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