Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Stag Island to Windsor Yacht Club

August 21: With the wind shift this morning we swung across the 2 knot current and into the water ski course, so we headed downstream before fixing breakfast. The river seems much more interesting at 8 knots than it did at 4 on the trip up. No sailing today, even once we reached Lake St Clair. We fueled at Belle River, then headed back out into the lake to avoid the thunder storms on shore.

WYC answered our radio call and guided us in to their wall with just less than 6 feet of water, so we are sort of floating. The club is celebrating 75 years in 2012. Tuesdays appear to be bridge night, the card game.

Laura has added a Black Crowned Night Heron to her bird list, having been surprised by one at 4 AM, looking in the head window from its perch on the side deck. Tough call who was more startled, but the heron squawked loudest.

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