Thursday, 16 August 2012

Croker to Killarney to Tobermory

August 14: We carried the spinnaker as far as we could, which got us down behind Amerdoz Island where the wind backed, then died to nothing. We motored down through Little Current and were right on time for the 3 PM bridge swing when I saw Bagatelle tied to the dock just east of Wally's. Didn't have time to stop and chat.

The wind filled back in courtesy of a little storm cell that was not quite on our path, so we sailed on down Lansdowne Channel and anchored in Killarney Bay, just east of Covered Portage Cove.

August 15: A look at the forecast said we should either go to Tobermory, or wait three days for the next chance, so we skipped the fish and chips in Killarney and made an uneventful passage straight out between Badgely and George Islands, then between Club and Lonely Islands, then in past the Flower Pots just as the sun was getting low. Most of the way was motoring weather, with sun-tanning on the foredeck away from the noise.

We got into Tobermory about 1900 and the wait for fish and chips was over 30 minutes, so we went back to the boat for sausages. Chips and groceries will have to wait for morning.

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