Wednesday, 8 August 2012

McGregor Bay to Mosquito Harbour

August 8: After 5 lovely nights in McGregor Bay we rejoined the cruising throngs today. Last night our nearest neighbours were barely in sight and tonight they are yacking about who's anchoring to close to whom.

We followed Meander, a Hunter 36, all the way out today, then wound up tied beside them in Little Current. Approaching LC there were more than half a dozen sailboats in close proximity and headed in the same direction to make the noon bridge swing. That definitely fits the definition of a race, but cruising etiquette doesn't permit rolling the other guy and stealing his wind and it's hard to power through the other guy's lee with just a cocktail jib ;-). In LC Laura did laundry (Killarney is a much better deal) while I provisioned (LC is best since Tobermory) then tea and on our way. We followed a couple of power boats out, then round the corner north to Mosquito Island and the harbour behind it. We're hoping the name refers to the shape of the island, not the insect population.

T-Bones were the order of the day at the Foodland, so we had pork T-Bones for dinner tonight, with gorgeous lamb and beef T-Bones in the fridge for later in the week. The anchorage is filling up even further now, mostly with people Laura met while doing laundry. I guess that's to be expected when we pick for proximity to LC. Tomorrow's NE winds should be just the thing for getting us further west into more interesting territory.

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