Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rous to McGregor Bay

August 3: The wind clocked as predicted overnight, and the whole anchorage turned 180 degrees without incident. We made a fairly early departure to hit Little Current before things got too crazy. The August long weekend is "Haw Eater Weekend" in LC and by Friday night it will be in full swing with no dock space available. We managed to fill and empty all the tanks and stock up with groceries by just after 11, so we caught the noon bridge swing with ease.

What little wind there was evaporated so we motored the rest of the way around and into McGregor Bay. Our path narrowed and narrowed as we followed the pencil line laid out on the paper chart by June and Richard. McGregor was uncharted until recently, so we didn't even attempt it in 2005. Although the details vanish from my iPad charts just inside the Bay, the full #2206 chart was viewable with the new chip on the chart plotter, but only at the high magnification setting.

Much of McGregor Bay is cottage speckled, but the channel we worked our way into is in Killarney Provincial Park. Surrounded by mainland again, we're wondering if we'll hear wolves tonight like we did in Beardrop. The loons may drown them out, but we will be sure to take up the ladder as a precaution.

The country is much more typical of what we would expect on a canoe trip, rather than by cruising boat. We have this anchorage almost completely to ourselves, a rare treat. There are a couple of boats in the next little pool, but they're only visible half the time, depending on how we're swinging on our anchors.

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