Sunday, 3 June 2012

What happens at O'Brien's...

...stays at O'Brien's, or so it says on a big sign inside the bar. Tom Moynihan and I are in Clayton for the 49th Niddle, a gentlemen's gathering that happens to include a boat race. The Friday delivery was dismal, pouring rain with 15 to 20 on the nose. We passed by the dock at Jemmett's and it was doing great in the east wind.

On race day we had light southerlies becoming 15-20 SW for a great trip round the course that even included a little sun at the west end of Carleton Island. Back here on the doc the temperature has dropped to about 12C, so it really doesn't seem like a June weekend. However, it warms my heart to hear we have beaten Force 10. All will apparently be revealed at dinner tonight.

Clayton has a great antique boat museum, the coolest wooden playground ever, and the Thousand Islands Inn, birthplace of the eponymous salad dressing. It also has a volunteer fire department with a great tradition of BBQ dinners, at which Niddlers are no longer welcome ;-)

At dinner it was revealed that we beat everybody except Tigger. (They turned in an excellent performance with only twice as many crew as we had, yet claimed they were sailing short handed.) To encourage us to do better in the future, they gave us this:

Sunday return to KYC for sailpast was preempted by a Saturday night departure to beat the weather. Checked back in at KYC around 12:30.

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