Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Times They are aChangin'

Dragon III is up for sale because we bought Signature, and Tom and Sue's Spontaneity is up for sale because they are about to buy Dragon III, and who knows how far it will trickle down. The best way to buy a boat is from people you've known for years, whose boat you've raced on and know the history of, so that's what we're all doing.

For our first outing we sailed in the the Partridge Bowl with Mary, Cole, and Tiberius. It's a chase race so we started after everybody else had left, but managed to catch up with them before the got to the club property on Wolfe Island. It was an upwind race in very light wind, which certainly helped us win the cup.

Signature has all the racy stuff, but will still take a while for us to get her in cruising form. First on the list are a variety of details revolving around the engine, electrical, and plumbing systems. Hardly romantic, but rewarding.

The raw water pump leaks a few drops per minute while the engine is running and I don't know yet if it's a loose screw, or needs a new gasket. There's only about 2" of clearance for those screws, so I need a special tool, or better yet new hex-head screws. The plate inscription says Volvo Penta 829895 8323, which should help tracking down parts.

All the Volvo stuff says it is important to know the engine Model (2003 or maybe MD 17 D) and Serial Number (21255)

at least as show on this plate on the crankcase. A partial list of fixes so far:

New diesel fuel supply/return lines

Raymarine SX-5 Autopilot

Relocate the chart plotter back to the helm station on a makeshift binnacle to figure out ideal positioning

Standard Horizon AIS VHF with remote mic at the helm

Spin pole supported tent over forward hatch

Remove the shore power to comply with code

New throttle cable to replace broken and McGivered version on Partridge Bowl.

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