Sunday, 2 September 2012

Final Leg

September 1: It's always the familiar that catches you up. We didn't pay enough attention to the wind forecast and woke at two to waves slapping at the stern in the NE breeze. After some fiddling around we decided to move out to a mooring, but maybe didn't get ourselves awake enough first. Laura was able to recover both of the boat hooks, but her glasses are on the bottom, somewhere near the northernmost mooring.

Greg and Perry had arrived on Sukha some time before all this happened and taken the southern mooring ball. They said hello this morning then headed on down to the islands.

This afternoon the dock filled up with Compulsion, Offliction, and Happy Puppy. Dan made an heroic effort diving for Laura's glasses with fins and mask. Unfortunately they seem to be gone for good.

September 2: Spinnaker run before a light east wind lasted until about the spectacles at noonish. By one the thermal had broken through and we were beating towards KYC, where there were plenty of people around to welcome us back and regale us with the events of the Shark Worlds.

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